The effects of Avemar on the Immune system

It has been shown that Avemar increases cellular immune response by various means. It effectively boosts the production of certain cytokines helping the immune system attacking cancer cells. Avemar also helps the production of a special mediator (ICAM) assisting the immune cells passing through the walls of the vessels, which allows these cells to identify and destroy the malignant cells embedded in the surrounding tissues. By expressing a special protein (MHC-I) on their surface malignant cells can mimick to be non cancerous. Research showed that Avemar can distort this mask and Natural Killer cells could spot cancer cells more easily.

Intensive chemotherapy might cause episodes with high fever partly caused by the insufficient number of white blood cells as a consequence of the treatment. A study has shown that these episodes were less frequent in pediatric cancer patients who received Avemar. It has been shown that Avemar increases cellular immune response and acts as an immuno-modulating agent.

COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes

These enzymes play a crucial role in the immune system, and the pharmacological inhibition of COX can provide relief from the symptoms of inflammation and pain. Avemar non-selectively inhibits both of these enzymes and this feature may partly explain its anti-inflammatory activities against adjuvant arthritis in rats and rheumatoid arthritis in humans.