Avemar - Promising cytotoxic activity profile

Avemar also gained attention in Europe as well when the latest research study was published in the Journal of Experimental Clinical Cancer Research. As recent data suggested antiproliferative, antimetastatic and immunological effects which were at least in part exerted by two quinones, 2-methoxy benzoquinone and 2,6-dimethoxybenzquinone as ingredients of FWGE, researchers from the Department Internal Medicine, Oncology/Hematology and Hemostaseology, at University of Halle, started to investigate these effects:

“These activity data prompted us to further evaluate the in vitro antiproliferative activity of FWGE alone or in combination with the commonly used cytotoxic drugs 5-FU, oxaliplatin or irinotecan in a broad spectrum of human tumor cell lines.”

“...Taken together, FWGE exerts significant antitumor activity in our tumor model. Simultaneous drug exposure with FWGE and 5-FU, oxaliplatin or irinotecan yielded in additive to synergistic drug interaction. However, sequential drug exposure of 5-FU and FWGE in colon cancer cell lines appeared to be schedule-dependent (5-FU may precede FWGE).”