Avemar products

Avemar is available in film-coated tablet, granulate with sugar (fructose) and granulate with stevia form. For diabetics, patients with fructose intolerance and for those who have difficulties consuming Avemar granulate, we recommend the tablet or the granulate with stevia product.

For more information about recomended dosage and application please read the user information!

What is the difference between Avemar Granulate with sugar (fructose), Avemar Granulate with stevia (instant drink mix) and Avemar Tablet? 

  Granulate Granulate with stevia Tablet
Form: water soluble granulate water soluble granulate film-coated tablet
Active ingredient: Avemar pulvis Avemar pulvis Avemar pulvis
Daily dosage / bodyweight:   1 sachet / under 90kg 1 sachet / under 90kg 2x4 tablets / under 50kg
      2x5 tablets / 50-90kg
  2 sachets /over 90kg 2 sachets /over 90kg 2x7 tablets/ over 90kg
Storage: below 15oC below 15oC below 22oC
Diabetics: contains sugar (fructose) contains stevia sugar-free