Avemar in the Huffington Post

David L. Katz M.D., the internationally recognized leader in integrative medicine and patient-centered care, included Avemar in his 'Super 6' list. One of his patient recently has experienced a potentially life-threatening cancer a year or so ago, and is now living in the aftermath of a surgical "cure." He came to his clinic looking for ways to reduce the likelihood of that cancer ever recurring, or any other ever occurring in the first place. Their discussion with this patient was far-ranging. He wanted to know about everything he could do to bend fate and probability in his favor. So, naturally, they discussed both conventional medical therapies such as drugs, and nutrient/botanical supplements.

“...My clinic is intrigued by, and makes use of, modified citrus pectin, which appears to have some potential to interfere with the spread of cancer cells, and also appears to be entirely safe. The same applies to Avemar, a product derived from fermented wheat germ with an extensive, albeit still evolving, literature supporting its use in cancer prevention.”

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