Avemar is registered as a ’medical food for cancer patients’ in Australia and Hungary. The product is marketed as a natural dietary supplement in many territories, including the United States, Canada, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and members of the European Union.

Avemar has been the subject of over 150 clinical trials. These have included more than 40 peer-reviewed articles on PubMed , and have resulted in Avemar being recommended as a complementary cancer treatment product by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the United States and the US Governmental service Cancer.gov

Nobel Prize winner James D. Watson and his colleagues recently researched the effects of fermented wheat germ on tumor cells at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the US. They used our Avemar product as a starting point. As published in their study by Nature Magazine’s Scientific Report in August 2020, Avemar contains an agent that inhibits in vivo tumor growth, suppresses the Warburg effect and restores oxidative mitochondrial activity.

Please visit our Avemar Research collection for a complete list of Avemar research papers.