Avemar in Pakistan

Gene Tec (Private) Limited

B-279/4, Metroville, S.I.T.E,
Karachi-75840, Pakistan
Phone: +92-21-32056112, +92 300 2880089

E-mail: avemar.pakistan@avemar.com
Homepage: www.avemar.com
Publications on Avemar at: research.avemar.com

Avemar is registered in Pakistan as a "nontoxic supportive anti-cancer medical nutriment".

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Since the discovery of Avemar pulvis, the active ingredient of Avemar, more than 14 years of scientific studies have been completed to support its safety and effectiveness, including in vitro, in vivo and other clinical researches. Those 14 years have provided consistent studies supporting Avemar’s ability to promote a better quality of life and maintain a healthy lifestyle in cancer patients undergoing clinical oncological treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Avemar has been the subject of over 100 scientific studies and 30 PubMed publications.

  • Over 14 years of clinical studies
  • Clinically proven to be safe
  • Natural
  • Non-Toxic
  • Promoting a better quality of life
  • Recognised